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If a loved one falsely has accused you of committing an act of violence against them, you probably feel betrayed. And, because prosecutors are so tough on domestic violence, you face an uphill battle in court.

We will take your side, exposing false allegations and challenging aggressive prosecutors who overcharge in their zeal to look tough. Whether it’s a spouse, a partner, or another person living in your household who’s accusing you, we examine all their claims with a wary eye. While we realize that true domestic violence is a grave issue, many of these cases are made up or exaggerated in the aftermath of a child custody dispute or another type of family dispute. We examine the evidence and aggressively depose and cross-examine the other side’s witnesses and the accuser to get to the truth. Get us on your side today.


In most states, domestic violence includes intimidation, harassment, and interfering with a family member’s personal liberty, in addition to physical abuse. These are serious charges, and you’re facing a tough road ahead. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can find holes in the prosecution’s case, uncover lies by witnesses, and find procedural errors by the investigating officers. If you did commit a violent act against a loved one in a heated moment, we will work tirelessly to get your charges reduced so that you can enter counseling and anger management classes with a promise to have the charges expunged in exchange for changed behavior.

With our representation, there is hope. Get Legal Help Now.


Depending on the circumstances, a jury could find you guilty of either a misdemeanor or felony. Although misdemeanors result in shorter sentences and lesser fines, they usually mean some time in jail and significant fines. Under certain circumstances, the prosecutor can upgrade your charges to the felony level. In that case, you’re looking at more prison time and hefty fines.

Long-term consequences include difficulties in finding work, losing custody of children, limits in firearm ownership, the inability to enter institutions of higher learning, and more. Don’t risk these consequences. Let us take up your cause today.

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