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When many people think of theft crimes, they often mix up the terms thievery and robbery, unaware that they mean two different things. An act of robbery is typically considered stealing from someone who is directly present and aware of the unlawful act. It is also not uncommon for aggression, physical force, or menacing threats to be included in a robbery charge, which can escalate it to the more serious crime of aggravated robbery.

If you are facing accusations of robbery, you need to contact a Plano theft crime lawyer you can trust.

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The Law Office of Mac Morris takes pride in defending the people of Texas from excessive sentences or flat-out wrongful accusations. I have learned throughout my years in practice that my clients deserve respectful and responsive advocacy. To provide them with excellent client service, I insist on personally handling each case I accept and I never leave my clients out of the loop; if you work with me, I will keep you up-to-date whenever something develops, no matter how great or small of a detail it might be.

I have earned a trustworthy reputation due to my numerous accolades and accomplishments, such as:

  • 25+ years of legal experience
  • Managed more than 500 jury trials
  • Nearly 1000 cases dismissed or reduced
  • Multiple bar admissions

Defend Yourself from the Consequences of a Robbery Conviction

In most cases, a robbery charge will be considered a second degree felony in the Texas State penal system. In order to combat this serious accusation, you may have to prove that you did not commit the crime as it is being described. For example, you might not have had any knowledge that you were actually stealing an item or the victim might not have felt any real danger or threat.

If you do not properly prepare for your case in court with an attorney, you could be punished by:

  • Two to 20 years in prison
  • Up to $10,000 fines
  • Lengthy probation
  • Loss of child custody rights

An escalation of your charges to aggravated robbery, which could happen due to the introduction of a weapon or serious harm to the victim, will bring even harsher penalties. In certain circumstances, this act can be considered a first degree felony and carry up 99 years behind bars.

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